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09/15/14 16:05:53

09/04/14 17:44:45
Delayed: 0850 WFD went to a Carbon Monoxide alarm with a smell of propane in the air.
09/02/14 08:02:11

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Strong storms this afternoon/evening, for some about when school lets out. When thunder roars go indoors! #vtwx #nywx
09/01/14 12:15:19

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Those who thrive in high-octane environments are those who can anticipate changes and adapt accordingly. It's not an innate ability to fly by the seat of your pants, its about preparation. If you are prepared, you are less likely to be surprised in a sudden change situation. Those who constantly prepare are the ones who can think and function under pressure. Know the rules. Know yourself. The game is about vigilance and preparation.