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12/15/14 18:02:22
1748 - Woodbury Fire and E. Montpelier Fire to Blachly Road in the area of the Unadilla Theater for wires down and on fire.
12/15/14 10:09:46

With earlier sunsets and inclement weather please remember to "Move Over"State law requires all drivers to yield to emergency vehicles (23 V.S.A. §1050).Moving Emergency Vehicles with Lights/Siren - Pull to the right. - Traffic in both directions must pull to the right and stop. Always make sure that all emergency vehicles have passed before proceeding.Stationary Emergency Vehicles with Lights - When approaching any stationary emergency vehicle that is displaying flashing lights (including tow and repair vehicles), you need to move over as far to the left as the road conditions will allow. You must change lanes away from the emergency vehicles when on a multi-lane highway. If you are unable to change lanes safely, or if traveling on a two-lane highway, you must slow down and proceed with caution.
12/14/14 15:33:59
1531 - Woodbury Fire and East Montpelier Fire to 601 Marshfield Road in Calais for a smoke/CO detector activation.
12/12/14 13:07:44
I just spoke with Hardwick Electric and they said that the folks that live on Greenwood lake road, the County Road, and any roads that are off those roads will not have any power tonight. They are hoping to have it fixed by the end of the day Saturday.
The damage in that area is extensive and will take some time to repair.